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Terpenes are the aromatic compounds that determine the scent of flowers and herbs. In Hemp, they interact directly with cannabinoids to provide various mood-altering effects that contribute to how a product can make you feel. Lucid Mood focuses on the perfect blend of these compounds to deliver the right impact for any desired mood. For example, the compound Linalool, also found in lavender, promotes relaxation and is used in our afternoon blends to help you unwind. Terpinolene, a floral aroma and compound in apples, lilacs and nutmeg, will softly send you into a deep sleep. Our scientific blends of specific Terpenes will match your desired elation and mood to create intentional user experiences.


CBD, CBG and CBN are all cannabinoids found in hemp. CBG (cannabigerol) is the chemical compound in hemp that enhances pleasure and stimulation as well as a body relaxation and pain reliever. It’s also known to help suppress appetite by providing an alert sensation. CBN (cannabinol) provides both a relaxation effect in the mind and body, and can help promote rest. CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-intoxicating ingredient associated with clear-headed, functional effects. Formulated with love and backed by science, our different ratios of cannabinoids ensure each product is specific and measured to deliver just the right sensation. Our clean and natural ingredients work together to enhance experiences throughout your day with highly tailored levels of psychoactivity for your desired mood.


There’s a sweet spot when it comes to dosing cannabinoids, and our products work to help you gauge how much you need to consume for your desired mood. One of the most considerable benefits of vaping is its quick absorption into the bloodstream. While our bodies can take half an hour or more to process the active ingredients in edibles, we feel the effects of inhaled hemp almost instantaneously. We design our vape pens in a way to be hit as much or as little as you wish, so you can effortlessly enhance your desired mood with an instant effect that allows you to easily control your dose. We encourage our users to experiment in finding their perfect amount with our different moods.

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