How to Use CBD and CBN for Sleep 

Do you often find yourself struggling to sleep at night? Falling asleep and staying asleep is a global epidemic that troubles a large number of the world’s population. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 50-70 million US adults have a sleep disorder. A lack of sleep can lead to serious health problems, including depression, anxiety, […]

CBD and Stress: What Does the Science Say?

Are you feeling more on edge lately with so much uncertainty in our daily lives? I sure am. That’s why I’m so glad I also have cannabis in my daily life, and CBD in particular. Cannabidiol (CBD) is often recommended for easing stress and boosting mental relaxation—but it’s also promoted as a pain reliever, sleep […]

Recreational CBD? Busting the Myths About Cannabidiol

Now more than ever, the world can feel really chaotic, and it can be a challenge to disengage from the stressors that surround us.  Thankfully, we have options to step away from the fray, whether that’s getting outside for fresh air, savoring a home-cooked meal or my favorite way to achieve mental relaxation: cannabis. “Recreational […]

Weed and Sex: Why the Modern Consumer Uses Cannabis to Build Intimacy

It might not come up every day, but budtenders often get questions about cannabis and sex.  Of course we know that weed is great for social activities, connecting with friends and even alleviating social anxiety—but what about weed for those one-on-one, clothing-optional interactions? While there’s no single cannabis product that improves everyone’s love life, research […]

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